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5 Reasons WHY you should choose me to help You & your Organisational Culture.

I’m guessing that you’ve arrived at this website because you were either:

  1. Searching for an Executive Leadership Coach,
  2. Searching for a Business Consultant to help you with some People & Culture, Strategy and Leadership
  3. Or it was just Fate 😉

Here are 5 Reasons why you should choose me!

Fit for Purpose - Profit & Values
Fit for Purpose – Profit & Values

Reason 1 – Experience in Change and Organisational transformation

I am experienced in leading, developing and managing people in organisations big and small. I’ve been on both sides of the game – inside as an Executive and now outside as an Independent Consultant. I can help you identify your blind spotsI’ve got your back. I will tell you what you need to hear from a duty of care, governance and commercial perspective to make sure you are safe.

Reason 2 – Real hand-on Executive-level experience

I have real hands-on experience at executive level leading transformational change (technology, processes, restructure) strategy (planning & implementation), leadership (coaching & mentoring) and people & culture (managing emotions).

Reason 3 – Operational field & office based service delivery experience

I’ve directly managed Operational Service Delivery teams (field and office-based) and understand the pressures of meeting financial goals (budget) and service level agreements (SLA) whilst managing people’s expectations.

Reason 4 – Deliver Results

Whilst I’ve made mistakes, I’ve made even more positive people & culture and commercial outcomes. Sharing my personal experience with you and your team as an executive coach provides perspective so you can make decisions with conviction.

Reason 5 – Buy-In

I help you get buy-in from staff and the Board by using tried and tested methodologies suited to your environment.

Real Value

In summary, you get a very experienced executive leadership coach and qualified business consultant advising you on the potential People & Culture/HR issues if the change isn’t implemented well.

I will give you strategies that ensure buy-in or I will fix your existing issues.

You get someone who understands that you need to make a Profit without losing your Values – aka Profit & Values.

You get an Empowered Workforce making a Positive Impact on Operational Service Delivery and Financial ROI (return on investment).

Book a FREE 45-minute no-obligation meeting with me or give me a call on 0405 053 869.

Sam Sooialo

Not the OUTCOME you imagined for Change?

Book an initial FREE 45-minute no-obligation session with me to discuss how I can help you find some CLARITY.