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Strategy & Culture

People Centred Strategy

Need an experienced visionary strategist and pragmatic operational facilitator to help you explore and flesh out your business plan and/or vision?

Perhaps you are getting feedback about a lack of direction and getting complaints about workloads in your business or organisation.

Or perhaps you are noticing a toxic cultural environment developing?

Unsure where to go next but your intuition know that you need help to get better buy-in from your people?

I can help you plan and implement with confidence.

Helping business owners and visionary CEO, their management and leadership teams develop strategies and implementation plans is one of my core competencies.

My People Centred Strategy  formation approach (a combination of Commercial & People elements) explore and flesh out the following;

  1. Identity or rediscover your reason for being – your Why;
  2. Identify and CLARIFY your strategic objective/projects in order to grow profitably;
  3. Prioritise those projects and minimise the impact on your business as usual activities – thus providing clear direction;
  4. Involve your people and enhance their potential to ensure alignment between your business goals and their personal development;
  5. Develop communication strategies that are understood at all levels.

If this sounds like something that you need in order to get your business to the next level, call on 0405 053 689. Alternatively, book a FREE 45-minute no-obligation chat with Sam here.

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Not the OUTCOME you imagined for Change?

Book an initial FREE 45-minute no-obligation session with me to discuss how I can help you find some CLARITY.