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The Village Business Incubator

“The Purpose of life, is to discover your GIFT. The meaning of life, is to GIVE your gift away” D Viscott.

“The GIFT of leadership. My father’s High Chief ceremony in my homeland of Samoa”

Having grown up in a developing country before migrating to a first world country (albeit in a low-socioeconomic area) in our formative years, my siblings and I know first hand, the challenges that such a new environment present.

That’s not to say that a child who has grown up in a middle class or well off family will not experience similar challenges, particularly if they felt neglected, abandoned or unworthy of their parent’s expectations.

For many of our at-risk and disadvantaged youth (regardless of cultural background), this reality presents certain obstacles and will more than likely influence their thinking about who they will become.

Often, fear, displacement and insecurities outwardly displayed by at-risk and disadvantaged youth in substance abuse, anger and poor behaviour, is interpreted by society as “being bad kids”.

That profiling, labelling is then followed by misplaced consequence and ramifications which further alienate these kids.  Although understandable, this treatment only pushes them further into isolation.

What if, we took the time to understand the underlying issues? Perhaps share our own stories of imperfection to help them understand and realise that others have had similar experiences and that they are not alone.

Would this help them recognise and manage their feelings better – particularly anger?

I believe wholeheartedly that being positively influenced by mentors (as I was), particularly those who can relate to their story and can demonstrate success, “not despite of, but because of the resilience learnt through those experiences“, that it would inspire them to think differently about the people they will become.

To that end, the Village Business Incubator is the end stage of our 3rd horizon goal.

During my volunteer mentoring and coaching sessions,  my aim is to encourage at-risk and disadvantaged youth to think of a future where they will become active contributing members of society, either by learning skills to gain employment, become mentors themselves or run their own small business.

The Village Business Incubator will be the enabler for this by providing mentors and a facility to start-up their business ideas.

I am at the concept stage, meaning that the final product/outcome could be either a new or an existing social enterprise. As the concept develops further, I will update you on progress.

Finally, if you want to get involved in any way shape or form, please feel free to contact me and share your ideas or your own story.

Be a blessing to others and watch the universe bless you in abundance!

Sam Sooialo

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