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Change Leadership

Change Leadership

Change comes in many forms.

It can be a Restructure, a Business Process Improvement or System Upgrade/Replacement etcetera.

Whatever it is, they have the same desired outcome – identifying opportunities to do things better, faster, smarter.

But, they also present a threat to those that perceive the change to be negative and unnecessary.

If not lead well, with your people given the opportunity contribute and learn some new skills in the process, the likelihood of resistance is increased.

Your people will want to feel like they have some level of control over the change that is happening to them.

Therefore, the services that we offer differ from the usual consulting process.

We encompass leadership, strategy and mentoring. Working with key stakeholders within your organisations, we will develop the following;

  • A high level strategy and implementations plan
  • Big Pciture Process maps from the customer journey perspective (internal and external)
  • Detailed process maps to identify team and system integration points and highlighting risks, controls and areas for improvements

Most importantly, if you are in the process of implementing your strategic projects, particularly your Organisational Structure, then perhaps you should be reviewing the above areas before finalising that structure.

Check out our article on why some people appear to cope with change better than others.

Give us a call on 0405 053 689 for a conversation or book via our online calendar or email us via our Contact form.

Not the OUTCOME you imagined for Change?

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